Barrels for great wines

From the forest to your senses

The path that our oak takes tends to begin in a remote forest.
There it slowly grows, constant and precise. Having spent a number of years in our care and after a meticulous transformation it reaches the destiny for which it has been prepared – the transfer of its excellent qualities to the finest wines, astonishing our senses and emotions in the process.

OAK Everything begins in the forest

Experience allows us to select the finest oak from trees that have grown quietly and naturally, without any haste.

THE SAWMILL Walking together

From the forest to the barrel. The wood is prepared at our own sawmill and dries at the winery in order to ensure that our focus does not stray from the oak for a second.

TOASTING A customised process

100% replicable à la carte toasting. A guarantee that all the winemaker’s sensitivity can be transferred to the wine through the barrel.

About us

Our family history has always been bound up with the world of wine. We see ourselves as a fundamental link in the production of great wines. Our dedication allows us to continue to move forward, investigating how we can help in their ongoing improvement.