In 2016, Mathias Stockinger began working with Tibor Varda and Tamas Sipos, two former employees of his Stockinger cooperage. Varda Tibor hired fellow Hungarian coopers for his production in Hungary and returned to his hometown.
Stockinger organized the marketing of his barrels from the beginning and trusted his craftsmanship and the experience he had gained over 10 years at the Stockinger cooperage. Therefore the brand name “Confidence”. In 2021, a joint venture was founded to bring the cooperage to a superior level in terms of space and machinery.
This created the conditions to make us strong for the future as a small but reputable manufacturer of top barrels. The barrels are made with the best traditional craftsmanship from first-class, air-dried oak wood.
We are proud to offer our customers another high-quality brand that helps them produce the best wines and support their terroir with the discreet style of our oak barrels.